If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Hello, fellow words-lover!
I'm a writer, journalist, and creator of the Naked Words project.

I believe in the superpower of feel-good, joyful & healing writing. Join me on this exciting journey of self-discovery!
MY BOOK (каракулями)

This is my book "Not Just A Mom", a dedication to all the artist mothers out there.
Published by Bombora Publishing House in 2022.

(+ обложка книги)

Мне хочется, чтобы про книгу было с самого начала, но как бы между делом - чтобы было понятно, что я настоящий писатель с книжкой, но при этом это не отвлекало от того, что я рассказываю о своем проекте дальше. Тем более, книжка на русском, а сайт на анлийском, не хочется чтобы это сбивало с толку. Поэтому я предлагаю книгу каким-то отдельным эдементом сбоку подверстать не слишком крупно, может быть?
between the lines
For almost two decades I've been working as an editor and a contributor in various glossy magazines. I'm a former lifestyle & travel editor for Harper's Bazaar & Grazia (Russia). My stories have been published in CondeNast Traveller, AD, Afisha, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, Robb Report & other beautiful magazines. Apart from writing stories on faraway lands and adventures, I also have been teaching the art of writing for media in my boutique school In Your Own Words. At some point in my career, I started crafting healing writing experiences for my students, and it has changed my creative path. I switched from journalism to journaling, and that's how my project Naked Words was born.
write away with me

Let me be your personal journaling guide

Work with me one-on-one and enjoy the deeply therapeutic and exciting journey of self-discovery. I will create a bespoke program for you personally, adjusting it to your request, and then will gently guide you through your inner landscapes. This is part writing for joy, part therapy that will help you to know yourself better, heal, have a more clear vision of your life goals, let go of the dragging past and enjoy every new day to the fullest.

(тут нужна какая-то штука для быстрого контакта)

And as they say - when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Marusha became mine. My journaling guide. My mind was wandering a lot and anxiously, looking for one path vs another (corporate vs self-employed; present mother va business woman; etc). I trusted Marusha and let myself believe that writing it down might help. In these 4 months of journaling many of my questions got answers, new connections were born, anxious inner voice turned out into a balanced inner guide. I feel fear, but I do it anyway, writing scenarios of the movie of my life, and accepting all the pieces of the puzzle (and not one vs another). Thank you, Marusha for finding the Words and for becoming That Very Guide that Student was looking for.
I created this 15-day online adventure for non-writers, amateur scribblers & those who are searching for the muse
Join the upcoming Naked Words course and start writing from the heart without being a professional writer!
Anna che
I actually started writing every single day after Naked Words. I learned how to drop perfectionism and just pour it all out, letting my words be just the way they are. I feel so free now.
Find the idea for YOUR book

In 2021 I wrote my first book based on my own story, and I can help you to write yours. Together we will find what is it that drives you, if you're thinking a non-fiction book (sharing your experience & knowledge, self-help, etc). Or sharpen the idea of an autofiction story that needs to be told.

???? Schedule a discovery call with me to see if I can help you with your dream!
(тут нужна какая-то штука для быстрого контакта)

I was feeling an incredible boost of energy after each call with my mentor! Her thoughtful comments made my work on the book more structured, and - most importantly! - the process became very joyful! I was writing not only to achieve a certain result, but for my own pleasure, too, which never crossed my mind before.
run away with me
writing AND traveling? yes, please!
writing retreats
I have combined the wanderlust running through my veins with my passion for writing to launch Naked Words Writing Adventures.
If you're a words-lover like me, these transformational, creativity-boosting retreats are what you've been looking for! Both non-writers and seasoned writers are welcome :)

"No Time For Writing!" writing retreat in Barcelona - coming October 2023 (здесь нужна какая-то анимация или мигающая деталька (глаз?) чтобы выделить, что это - ближайший ивент и самый главный в списке)

+ будет маленькое описание (на пару строк) и нужна кнопка, ведущая на страницу ретрита

Wanderlust Writing Retreat in Iceland - Summer 2024

+ будет маленькое описание (на пару строк) и нужна кнопка, ведущая на страницу ретрита или что-то, ведущее в форму записи (на геткурсе)

  • SOLDOUT Writing & hedonism retreat in Patmos island, Greece // June 2023
  • Past retreats:
  • Writing & somatic work retreat in Girona, Spain

  • Заложить строчки для будущих, чтобы я могла сама делать апдейты

тут мне нужна небольшая фотогалерея, передающая настроение ретритов (все фото есть)
будут позже!
В конце я хочу что-то вроде футера, но с картинкой из моей обычной жизни, не профессиональной.

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I'm based in Barcelona, where I live with my cheeky son Keith and our little brown dog Fika. I have a thing for everything Japanese and Scandinavian, collect vintage rugs, ride a bike everywhere, never miss a chance to rade a flea market, drink liters of coffee a day, and keep my sky-blue retro Olivetti typing machine in the living room only for the looks. If you're anything like me, let's be friends! (и тут всех радостно отправлять в мой инстаграм)